Team Members

Trainee Applied Behaviour Analyst

Jodie has worked in Applied Behaviour Analysis for over five years and obtained her Masters degree in 2015 in  Behaviour Analysis, and is waiting to sit the BABC exam.

Her extensive experience has included roles in specialist and mainstream schools and home settings. Jodie is confident and professional with the insight and creativity to design effective behaviour management and learning strategies for children with ASD. She is skilled in training and supporting school staff in implementing these strategies to ensure individual needs are met and the whole class can benefit from the experience.

Jodie is currently working towards BCBA status and manages a caseload of children with a range of abilities and behavioural needs. By consistently monitoring each individual child she is able to advise staff and parents in techniques that will decrease challenging or disruptive behaviours. She also sets appropriate, achievable learning targets and uses data to clearly demonstrate positive progress.


Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA)

Kirsty has a Masters degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis and five years experience working with children in specialist and mainstream schools, and as a home tutor. She is a qualified (Board Certified Behaviour Analyst) BCBA and is the authour of the newsletter Busy Analytical Bee:

She has a professional approach and demonstrates thorough attention to detail when gathering and analysing data. She is a confident communicator able to work with school staff, parents and other professionals effectively to create a team around the child.

Kirsty is currently overseeing, monitoring and developing ABA programmes to support children with behavioural and learning difficulties. Her strategies are underpinned by her expertise in the full range of ABA techniques. She reviews and analyses data and observes the programmes in action regularly to ensure the most appropriate, accurate, effective strategies for each child are being used.


Trainee Applied Behaviour Analyst

Eimear Kelly holds a Honours Degree in Psychology from Queens University, Belfast and a Masters degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis from Bangor University, North Wales. Eimear is a Trainee Behaviour Analyst for All Behaviour Consultancy and is currently working towards BCBA accreditation.

Eimear has 5 years of experience working with children with a range of abilities and especially those with a diagnosis of Autism. She has experience working with children who display behaviours that challenge and children who are pre-verbal. She is confident in utilising natural environment training and the verbal behaviour approach to teach functional skills to young children. Eimear has worked in mainstream and special needs school settings, as well as an Autism unit attached to mainstream primary school. Eimear also works closely with families in the home setting. She provides ongoing training and support to ensure their child with autism is progressing and is learning functional life skills. By placing an emphasis on collecting and analysing data on specific behaviours, she can create individualised programmes and monitor the progress of these programmes.


Human Resources Assistant and Senior Administrator

Deedan has been part of the team for 1 year now. Deedan has many roles within All Behaviour Consultancy. Over the years All Behaviour Consultancy has become well-established and a popular consultancy service; therefore, Deedan’s role is to recruit new team members for All Behaviour Consultancy. She advertises for positions, short-lists the candidates, arranges interviews, interview candidates, process DBS applications and more.

All Behaviour Consultancy pride themselves by providing team members top quality training, in order for them to provide children and families with high quality service. Deedan organises up-to-date and informative training sessions for the team members, which is vital especially as the team work with children. Deedan also carries out all administrative needs, such as managing appointments and responding to emails. If you are interested in finding out more about All Behaviour Consultancy or have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Deedan at, she is more than happy to help and/or will point you in the right direction.



“Jodie worked as home/school senior ABA tutor with my twin boys for over 2 years. Having Jodie as a part of our team was pleasure. She is very professional, trustworthy and knowledgable/skilled. She has did great job with both of my boys who are on different parts of ASD spectrum and became a key part of their development/progress. Apart from being highly skilled and hard working she is also very kind and it was an absolute joy having her as therapist. Both my children and us (parents) loved having her around. She has always put extra effort to overcome any obstacles and find solutions to any issues my children encountered. She also has great communication skills and was able to help us bridge the gap between home programme and boys school. She has also acted as school shadow and provided training to the mainstream school stuff. Our family has moved to another country 2 years ago but we fondly remember Jodie and miss having her as part of our family life”. Ana, Mother of Autistic Twin boys.

“Working alongside Jodie was a rewarding and beneficial experience,she provided specialist support and applied many different strategies that helped provide a stable, nurturing environment for children”.

Amanda Mccarthy (Learning support assistant at a mainstream school).