Social Skills Group Academy Union Club Week 2

social skills
What’s going on at The Academy Union Club We were really pleased to welcome our members back for our 2nd week at the Social Skills group. The members were really pleased to see the rules they...
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Social Skills Group Week 1: The Bean Club

The Bean Club We kicked off week 1 of our social skills club for children with social, communication and emotional difficulties by supporting the members to introduce themselves to the group. As we...
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Social Skills club week 1 Academy Union

social skills club
Welcome to the Academy Union Club We had fun meeting the members of our social skills club. After introductions we kicked off our session by asking members to brainstorm a name for the club (let’s...
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Focus West London Saturday Club

What we do on Saturdays. For the last 15 weeks All Behaviour Consultancy has been supoorting Focus West London Saturday Club. Getting up on a Saturday morning to go to work after a full week...
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How to Enjoy Christmas ~ For All The Family

For many of us Christmas is one of the highlights of our year. It is a shared in such a way that the celebrations around it (street lights, music on the radio, decorated homes) cannot be missed!...
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