If your child has been diagnosed with ASD or is displaying traits of Autism and PPD-NOS getting the right educational support can be a challenge. Often these children don’t seem to ‘fit’ within either a mainstream or special school environment and need specialist support to cope within a group-learning situation in order to learn effectively.

At All Behaviour Consultancy we help schools to understand your child and provide them with strategies for behaviour management that make school a calmer and more positive experience.

When we start working with your child we observe and assess them in school and at home to thoroughly understand their behaviour and motivations in order to provide detailed, tailored advice and support to all the staff in contact with them. By explaining the reasons behind challenging behaviours we are able to train staff to act and react in ways that will enable your child to make positive changes, helping them, their peers and the school as a whole to interact successfully.

Once these strategies are in place we remain very much involved making three school visits and two home visits each term to assess progress and address any further issues.

Consistency is key and with a commitment from parents and school it is possible to quickly achieve considerable improvements in behaviour and provide a situation that offers real learning opportunities for your child.

We work with children between the ages of 3 and 11 at mainstream and special schools in both the public and private sectors and are LEA approved.

If you feel your child’s educational needs are not being met by their current school situation, or you are facing problems due to your child’s school being unable to adequately manage their challenging behaviours we can help. Get in touch for an informal discussion and we’ll explain more about our work and success stories and advise you how best to proceed.