At All Behaviour Consultancy we understand that schools can sometimes find it difficult to meet the needs of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Management of challenging behaviour within a classroom environment without compromising the education of other children in the class can seem like an impossible task. In addition differentiating the curriculum and motivating children with additional needs to participate and learn in a group setting can be a struggle even for experienced teachers and LSAs.

Our approach provides specialist support and tried and tested strategies to enable schools to understand and manage behaviour and meet obligations for providing an appropriate learning experience for all their students.

We work with mainstream schools and special schools focussing on children aged between 3 and 11 years old.

The solutions we provide are tailored to each individual child so we start by observing and assessing them in school and home settings. This enables our professional consultants to identify primary areas of concern, understand triggers and plan strategies and behaviour management techniques to address these issues.

We also make two visits per term to the child at home ensuring parents and other family members are included in the overall process.

We then provide training sessions to share our findings with as many of the staff in contact with the child as possible including Head teachers, SENCOs, teachers, LSAs, TAs, SALTs, OTs lunchtime assistants etc. Our insights into the challenging behaviours and motivations of the child will help everyone to better understand underlying reasons and behavioural triggers and demonstrate how to act and react in a way that will encourage positive changes.

Putting these strategies in place empowers the school to take steps that will manage and improve behaviour and learning opportunities for the child. Our consultant will be ‘on call’ to address any concerns you have in implementing the programme and we will conduct three school visits per term to assess progress, set new targets and address any issues that have arisen. We also make two visits per term to the child at home ensuring parents and other family members are included in the overall process.

Using All Behaviour Consultancy gives schools the expert advice and support they need to deal with challenging students effectively, producing positive outcomes for the child and the school as a whole. This is a cost-effective solution to successful inclusion that is endorsed by several LEAs. If you feel you would benefit from our input or would like to discuss how we are able to help with a specific situation please get in touch for an initial informal discussion.