Our Work with Health Authorities

In accordance with the National and Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) Guidelines, Transforming Care (2015) and Positive and Proactive Care (2014), we undertake functional behaviour assessments and devise function based interventions.

Our interventions are devised with the individual and their family at the centre of our planning. We know that rates of behaviours that are challenging are higher in people with severe learning disabilities and within inpatient settings.

Therefore, our interventions include skill building to promote effective choices and communication skills; such as functional communication training, sign language and augmentative and alternative communication systems.

All of which serve to reduce not only the triggers for behaviours that challenge but also maintain people in least restrictive environments with a decrease in reliance on drugs and medication.

All Behaviour Consultancy Meeting graphic

We Provide

One and two-day training to introduce care workers and support staff to a number of areas including, Positive Behaviour Support and its strategies, behaviours that challenge and educating children with autism.
A consultation service that means outside of the initial functional behaviour assessments we are in a position to provide regular ongoing support regarding the individual (update interventions and support Multidisciplinary team).
Group support by acting as a wider part of the Multidisciplinary team by using Periodic Service Review, Total Management Review and Organisational Behaviour Management to support change.