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Because we use our specialist expertise to put in place behaviour management strategies and identify effective reward systems to motivate students we usually experience a rapid improvement across all areas of concern.

Our consultative approach uses the schools existing resources to better support learning and positive behaviour. This means it can be an economical way to take advantage of all the benefits of a specialist intervention. The cost effectiveness of our services is noted in our positive outcomes, which help to keep pupils in mainstream schools, reduce likelihood of permanent exclusion, returning home educated children into educational or community group setting and keeping pupils in their home borough.

Costs for a year of support can be as low as £5,500 per pupil, this includes the initial observation, assessment and staff training, three school visits and two home visits per term.

We are happy to consult on individual cases or provide support acting on Best Practice Advisory Boards for SEN strategies across the LEA.

All Behaviour Consultancy provides vital services that support LEAs in meeting their obligations to SEN students in a cost-effective manner.

Most of our clients are children aged between 3 and 11 years old with a diagnosis of ASD or displaying traits of autism. We work with children at both mainstream and specialist schools in the public and private sectors.

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Our unique approach empowers schools to take control of children that find it hard to access the curriculum and display behaviours that challenge the classroom environment. We observe, assess and interact with each individual child before devising personalised action plans to address the issues of concern. We then train teachers, support staff and other stakeholders to ensure they understand the underlying causes of behaviour and how best to manage situations for a positive outcome. We revisit each child on a regular basis to monitor progress, set new goals and offer advice and support to the school and the child’s family.