School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

All Behaviour Consultancy understands that schools can sometimes find it difficult to meet the needs of children whose behaviour poses a challenge to the environment. Management of behaviours that challenge within a classroom environment without compromising the education of other children in the class can seem like an impossible task. In addition, differentiating the curriculum and motivating children with additional or special needs to participate and learn in a group setting can be a struggle.

ABA London

Our approach provides specialist support and evidence based strategies to enable schools to understand and manage behaviour, whilst meeting obligations for providing an appropriate learning experience for all of their students.

We work with mainstream schools, specialist schools, resource bases and other educational settings focusing on children aged between 2 and 18 years old. As the solutions we provide are tailored to each individual child, class or teacher, and setting, we start by observing to inform our thorough assessments. This enables our professional consultants to identify primary areas of concern, understand triggers and plan strategies and behaviour management techniques to address these issues.

This is followed by providing training sessions to share our findings with all staff members; including Head teachers, SENCOs, teachers, LSAs, TAs, SALTs, OTs and lunchtime assistants etc. Our expertise in behaviour management and reinforcement will help everyone to better understand underlying reasons and behavioural triggers, whilst demonstrating how to act and react in a way that will encourage positive changes.

Putting these strategies in place empowers the school to take steps that will not only manage but improve behaviour and learning opportunities for the children. Our consultants will be on hand to address any concerns in implementing the strategies, assess progress, set new targets and address any issues that have arisen.

Collaborating with All Behaviour Consultancy gives schools the expert behavioural advice and support that they need to support students with challenging behaviours effectively, producing positive outcomes for the child and the school as a whole.