“My son is 3 yrs and 8 months and was diagnosed with ASD just over a year ago. As you can imagine, it was a very tough time for us and that’s when I first called Georgiana in desperate need of help. I had made a few other calls before speaking to her but didn’t connect with anyone as I did with her. Her knowledge in this field is just mind boggling! She was able to understand our circumstances and provide a programme that suited us as a family. She made me feel comfortable to take on the responsibility of tutoring my son full time and still boosts my confidence whenever I’m in doubt. There has been no going back for us.

Then you have the lovely Jodie who is a bundle of joy! She has been absolutely amazing in understanding my son and our lifestyle and has been delivering from day one. She works with you and your child’s pace and really supports you throughout the journey. As you can imagine we go through challenges and difficult behaviour regularly but Jodie has a trick up her sleeve everytime to overcome them. She is very knowledgeable in what she does and gives you an abundance of support to get the best out of your child and yourself.

These two ladies are a godsend for us and I cannot imagine what life would have been like without them. They really have changed our lives and I can honestly say I have never been happier than I am now since my son’s diagnosis.”

Parent #5

“Not only did Georgiana assess our son in a manner we felt was both thorough and sensitive but she provided much-needed support on short notice while enabling us to put a long-term solution in place. Georgiana’s strategies have resulted in progress that has exceeded the expectations of both Georgiana and ourselves. We feel much better able to give our son what he needs and also feel that we can call on Georgiana when new behaviors or emotions arise. Georgiana has been sensitive to our needs as parents in terms of being practical and providing the most cost effective solutions possible.”

Parent #4

“Georgiana has led a wonderful team including the school, a speech & language therapist, an occupational therapist and ourselves….with Georgiana you always feel she really understands your child and consequently you really get the personal treatment that your child needs.”

Parent #3

“Jodie worked as home/school senior ABA tutor with my twin boys for over 2 years. Having Jodie as a part of our team was a pleasure. She is very professional, trustworthy and knowledgable/skilled. She has did great job with both of my boys who are on different parts of the ASD spectrum and became a key part of their development/progress. Apart from being highly skilled and hard working, she is also very kind and it was an absolute joy having her as a therapist. Both my children and us (parents) loved having her around. She has always put extra effort to overcome any obstacles and find solutions to any issues my children encountered. She also has great communication skills and was able to help us bridge the gap between home programme and boys school. She has also acted as school shadow and provided training to the mainstream school staff. Our family has moved to another country 2 years ago but we fondly remember Jodie and miss having her as part of our family life.”

Parent #2

“She has provided invaluable guidance and has established new programs which have benefited our boys in multiple ways. Georgiana’s approach of applying Verbal Behaviour whilst concentrating on Natural Environment Teaching (NET) provided a real boost to boys development and resulted in a marked improvement in their skills (especially communication signing, receptive/expressive language).”

Parent #1