Child Behaviour Specialists in the UK

All Behaviour Consultancy is directed by Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, Georgiana Koyama (BCBA), who is supported by a team of highly qualified ABA and Child Behaviour specialists based in the UK.

Drawing on a wide network of Autism and learning disability experts, combining 17 years of experience, the teams can be tailored and built around what is required for each individual case.

Georgiana Koyama, one of only 8 Black female Board Certified Behavior Analysts in the UK, has built a trusted reputation since 2011.

She founded All Behaviour Consultancy to help Autistic individuals and those with other learning and communication/social challenges. She leads the team at All Behaviour Consultancy – a group of professional, friendly and highly qualified Child Behavioural Specialists and Analysts.

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Georgiana Koyama

Clinical and Managing Director

Georgiana is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst consultant. Georgiana has worked with adults and children with, Autism, learning disabilities and mental health challenges for over 15 years. Georgiana has an Honours degree in Psychology from…

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At all Behaviour Consultancy, we are able to provide a reduced rate for those who need child support desperately but cannot afford the usual ABA therapy costs.

Our focus is on Positive Behaviour Support using the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis.

The child’s well-being is of the utmost importance and positive reinforcement and motivations enable the child’s inner wellbeing alongside helping them navigate lifelong skills in a world that doesn’t accept neurological differences.

We provide a holistic approach for each individual that we work with, working directly with families or through Health Authorities, Schools and Local Education Authorities.

Our positive behaviour approach empowers parents and schools to implement strategies that result in improved behaviour and communication skills; as well as providing ASD children with opportunities to learn and develop.

More about our BCBA Founder

With an Honours degree in Psychology, a Masters degree in Behaviour Analysis (Distinction grade) and BACB accredited, Georgiana has worked with adults and children with Behavioural problems and Learning Disabilities for 17 years.

Georgiana is a member of the UK Society for Behaviour Analysis and the Applied Behaviour Analysis Forum. You can read further here or visit her LinkedIn.