[FREE] Promoting your Child’s Wellbeing as well as your own, in difficult times


[FREE VIDEO] Jodie Price (Board Certified Behaviour Analyst) and Georgiana Koyama (Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and Clinical Director of All Behaviour Consultancy) present this webinar giving  parents positive, evidence-based strategies to support their child’s emotional regulation as well as thinking about our own parental wellbeing with simple strategies we can use daily.



Learn ways to understand your child’s challenging behaviours, foster connection and promote their wellbeing in challenging times, using simple, evidence-based strategies. We also discuss and share strategies for parents to help find moments of calm and create compassion for themselves, so that they are more available to support their children.

Upon purchase you will receive the video link for the hour long presentation, which you will have access to for 7 days. You will also receive resources to enable you to put some of the strategies you will learn in place straight away!


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