Georgiana KoyamaGeorgiana is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst consultant. Georgiana has worked with adults and children with, Autism, learning disabilities and mental health challenges for over 15 years. Georgiana has an Honours degree in Psychology from Cardiff University and a Masters degree in Behaviour Analysis (distinction grade) from Swansea University.

She is a member of a number of associate groups. She also has vast experience as a Behaviour Analyst and Positive Behaviour Support practitioner in the National Health Service and Local Education Authority, having worked for Oxfordshire County Council as county wide Senior Behaviour Analyst. She has also worked for Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group and the world renowned South London and Maudsley NHS Trust. This unique experience allows her to impart her expert knowledge across health and education settings in delivering high quality individualised positive behaviour support plans.

This career progression means Georgiana has a deep understanding of the role of all stakeholders involved in managing behaviours that challenge, enabling her to provide meaningful, practical, effective advice and support. In her time at the NHS working in both community and in-patient settings, Georgiana was often the sole PBS practitioner and supported teams and systems to implement PBS in ensuring person centred care.

Georgiana is an experienced trainer able to deliver impactful sessions imparting vital information in a clear accessible way. She is dedicated to empowering schools, LEAs and NHS or health based services to take control of challenging situations creating positive outcomes in a cost-effective manner.

In 2011 Georgiana founded All Behaviour Consultancy to combine her knowledge, skills and network of professionals in providing solutions for schools, LEAs and NHS or health based services dealing with children and young people requiring expert behavioural support. The Consultancy offers behavioural assessments and interventions for children and young people with Autism and other developmental disabilities who exhibit behaviours that challenge.

The holistic approach involves: Individual Education Plan and Person Centred planning, training and support for professionals including frontline teaching and health care staff, ongoing benchmarking to measure progress, and preparing and attending planning and review meetings.

When she is not at work Georgiana enjoys spending quality time with her family (husband, daughter and son) travelling and going to the woods. Georgiana enjoys practicing photography, dancing, listening to music and socialising with her friends and extended family.

Georgiana is available to provide consultation in West and Central London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent and internationally.