At All Behaviour Consultancy, our aim is to enable each individual child to fulfil their potential by offering a service that is practical, realistic, cost-effective and sustainable.

Autism Behaviour Therapy ~ ABA Specialists ~ ABA London

Welcome to All Behaviour Consultancy.  Empowering and transforming lives since 2011.

A team of highly qualified Behaviour Analysts based in London, specialising in Autism and other Developmental and Learning Disabilities.

Led by a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) with over 17 years’ helping kids with Autism and learning disabilities, we utilise ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) therapy to improve your child’s response to various situations, alongside other Positive Behaviour Support therapies.

We assess behaviour in real-life situations to increase positive behaviour. We focus on each individual child’s needs and wellbeing, whilst improving learning, communication and important social skills.

We also offer ABA teletherapy via live video sessions to help parents at home who are struggling with their child’s behaviour.


Child Autism SpecialistsBased in London, our approachable team of ABA Behaviour Specialists provide a holistic approach for each individual that we work with, either working directly with families or through Health Authorities, Schools and Local Education Authorities.

We provide each individual child with opportunities to learn and develop despite the challenges they face.

We focus on the child’s wellbeing and have seen great success with our clients over the years.

ABA Therapy using Positive Behaviour Support

We empower parents and schools to implement strategies that result in improved child behaviour by working on communication and social skills, amongst other important life skills.

Here are some of our specialist and bespoke programmes for schools, LEAs and families:

  • Individual Education Plans for those with Autism and other Learning Disabilities
  • Person-Centred Planning: We adapt our Behaviour therapy for each child & parent
  • Autism Training and support for professionals including frontline teaching and health care staff
  • School-wide Positive Behaviour Support & ongoing benchmarking to measure progress
  • Preparing and attending planning and review meetings
  • Individual Education Plans for those with Autism and other Learning Disabilities
  • Person-Centred Planning: We adapt our Behaviour therapy for each child & parent

ABA London - Autism Specialists

ABA therapists have helped children with autism and other developmental challenges since the1960s.

Our London based Behaviour Analysts assess behaviour in real-life situations to provide positive ABA techniques to improve challenging behaviour, focusing on positive reinforcement and each individual child’s wellbeing.

Our Behaviour Analysts use Positive Behaviour Support to help kids gain lifelong valuable skills in school and at home.


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All Behaviour Consultancy Managing Challenging Behaviour


To appropriately manage challenging behaviour, you must understand why the behaviour occurs in the first place.

All Behaviour Consultancy Autistic Disorder Spectrum


Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurological disorder that spans throughout a child’s lifetime.

All Behaviour Consultancy Communication and Behaviour


Communication and social skills are a common impairment amongst children diagnosed with ASD.

All Behaviour Consultancy Global Development Delay (GDD)


Read more about global development delay (GDD) or 'development delay' and learning disability (LD).

All Behaviour Consultancy Pathological Demand Avoidance


Find out how we can help with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA).


Our team of ABA Behaviour consultants support schools, families, local authorities, and individuals with a range of behavioural and social/emotional issues. We specialise in Autism therapies, alongside supporting those with other developmental challenges. We offer a cost-effective and supportive environment for all.

Feedback About All Behaviour Consultancy

*Please note we cannot provide our clients names due to confidentiality purposes*

“Georgiana has provided invaluable guidance and has established new programs which have benefited our boys in multiple ways. Georgiana’s approach of applying Verbal Behaviour whilst concentrating on Natural Environment Teaching (NET) provided a real boost to boys development and resulted in a marked improvement in their skills (especially communication signing, receptive/expressive language).”

“Not only did Georgiana assess our son in a manner we felt was both thorough and sensitive but she provided much needed support on short notice while enabling us to put a long-term solution in place. Georgiana’s strategies have resulted in progress that has exceeded the expectations of both Georgiana and ourselves.”

“Georgiana has led a wonderful team including the school, a speech & language therapist, an occupational therapist and ourselves….with Georgiana you always feel she really understands your child and consequently you really get the personal treatment that your child needs.”